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3 Reasons Why You Need To Wash Your Lashes!

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Have you ever wondered what happens if you don’t clean up your Lash Extensions? Does cleaning your lashes make them last longer? You do lash extensions, and you love the lash extensions that your lash stylist has done for you. Then you definitely want your lash extensions to last longer on your lashes.

Here Are 3 Reasons

First and foremost for most people is how long the lashes last. Eyelash Extensions can be compromised if you don’t regularly use a foaming cleanser to remove naturally occurring oils from your skin or use residue from products that contain oils, as oil can eventually degrade the adhesive, resulting in poor eyelash retention. Clean lashes will last longer!

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Secondly, the health of the eyelashes (which also affects the retention of eyelashes) – long eyelashes are good looking but are more susceptible to Demodex folliculorum. If left uncleaned for a long time, some Demodex folliculorum have a huge party, which can lead to irritated lash lines, clogged hair follicles and lashes falling out.So When ladies don’t take off their eye makeup and don’t wash their eyelashes before bed, the mites can become a problem!

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Third, lashes that aren’t properly cleaned (skin, sebum, oil, and sleep build up) can get itchy! Eyelash extensions shouldn’t feel like much — so if your lashes feel a little itchy and irritated, it’s best to treat them after a treatment. A good daily cleanse of your lashes with foam cleanser, makeup remover and lash growth serum will make them feel a lot easier.

We must remember that when we put on eyelashes, we can’t just think that the eyelashes are too beautiful and forget to wash! We also need to make sure we are responsible for taking good care of our lashes.
Remember to wash regularly and follow simple steps to keep your lashes longer. Eyelash extension is a cosmetic procedure that requires a high maintenance rate, that is, it requires attention to how it is maintained.

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