Bullying Myths – What You Need to Know

If you’ve watched the news lately than you probably think that you know everything there is to know about bullying. However, a lot of what you think you know about bullying is probably wrong. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 bullying 3d mink strip eyelashes.Rcotc

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1. Bullies have Low Self-Esteem.

This is the most common bullying myth. People just assume that a child 3d mink strip eyelashes out at others to compensate for the fact that, he really doesn’t like himself. Low self-esteem does explain why some kids have bad behavior but based on several studies this is not always true. These studies actually suggest the exact opposite. These studies have found that kids that bully some times has excess self esteem and feel better than others.

2. Strict Policies Decreases Bullying

Strict polices such as “Zero tolerance” policies contain an automatic punishment for a given violation, regardless of who is involved or what the circumstances may be.

These polices are implanted to send a strong message that any type of bullying will be punished, so that kids won’t try it. However, research shows that these programs do not decrease bullying but in fact, increase aggression and harassment at school. The reason is that these strict programs standardize 3d mink strip eyelashes. They don’t take provide the best developmental approach for kids.

3. Cyberbully is now the main form of bullying because of today’s technology

Bullying has changed with today’s technology, which includes the Internet, cell phones and social media sites like Facebook. Unfortunately now it is extending outside of school. Before it only took place at school but now children can be bullied 24/7. However, cyberbullying is not the main form of bullying. It is actually a continuation of what typically starts at school or in person.

4. Bullying Can Happen to Anyone

Researchers have tried to identify a single profile of kids that fall victim to bullying. However, there is no single profile of victims but there are certain characteristics that make a child more likely to be bullied. Studies have found that socially marginalized children, whether because of sexual orientation or disability, are more likely to be bullied. Also kids who do not have friends are more likely to be bullied than those with a more secure social 3d mink strip eyelashes.

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5. Suicide and School Violence is Caused By Bullying

In the news there have been several extremely tragic incidents of students committing suicide or acts of violence because of being bullied. But researchers say that the connection between these incidents and bullying is far more questionable than popular media reports would have us believe. Research does show that victims of bullying do face serious psychological issues and is linked with an added risk of self harm, there are usually other mental factors also underlying 3d mink strip eyelashes.


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