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Can I Wear Strip Lashes On My Eyelash Extensions?

Can I wear strip lashes on my eyelash extensions

Yes, you can wear strip lashes on your Lash Extensions, however, this is not recommended. When strip lashes need to be removed, this can damage real and lash extensions.

You may feel that your lash extensions aren’t doing what you want, but false lashes shouldn’t be worn with lash extensions. Doing so can cause damage to lash extensions and natural lashes. Instead, you can talk to your lash technician,and you can achieve the results you want with lash extensions alone.

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Or When it comes to costume parties or special occasions, sometimes, for a more dramatic look than everyday lash extensions, wear thick strip lashes. As fellow beauty lovers, we can understand–but as lash vendors, we say please, please please don’t!


Strip lashes may make you look great in one night, but the damage they do to your lash extensions can last for weeks. Applying thick synthetic strips to your own lashes will make them heavier while tightening them and your natural lashes – not to mention glue! You won’t want to drip on your lashes on any other occasion Sticky things, hair removal eyelashes is no exception.This is really bad.

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Adhesive from strip lashes congeals in your extensions, clumping them and sometimes ripping them out altogether–it is always easy to see whether strips or individual falsies have been applied, since it’s nearly impossible to get all the glue out of the roots (even for a lash technician). Picking out pieces of glue during an appointment is a tricky task, and often impacts on the amount of time your technician can spend applying extensions or fixing damaged ones.

If you’re still feeling that urge for the strip-lash look, have a chat to your stylist about it–they have all sorts of tips and tricks to get that extra mile out of your lashes, and love working to change up your style if you have a special event. Flat lashes are often a great alternative to strips or individual falsies, as their flat tapered bases give the illusion of a thicker look.

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