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Can Makeup Be Used With Eyelash Extensions?

Keep Your Eyelashes Clean

After you’ve had your Lash Extensions, you’ve definitely wondered what can and can’t be used on your lashes, what makeup is OK (and most importantly – how to keep your lashes clean!), so we’ve rounded up some tips, As well as our picks for the safest treatments and lashes. Please see my introduction below!

Generally speaking, facial cleanser is ok! Waterproof eyeliner and mascara, gel eyeliner, and any oil-based products, including oil-based makeup removers, oil-based face washes, and micellar water, should not be used for extensions. Be especially careful with makeup removers that are labeled “oil free,” but it will still separate from the oily layer.

Makeup Use and Eyelash Extensions

1.Foaming Cleanser

You might see it a lot in some salons and it feels good – really nice and refreshing. Its lather consistency (the brush included) makes it super easy to clean your extensions and lids. Good eyelid hygiene is very important to keep your eyelashes clean and to remove oil from your eyelashes. It’s also smooth – the no-frills formula means zero irritation.


What you really need is this tube type of mascara that doesn’t smudge and is very, very easy to remove. This is specially designed for eyelash extenders. But even if you don’t do lash extensions, it works great to make lashes longer!Or you can use classic mascara and apply it only to the tips of your lashes.

3.Lash Makeup Remover

You need to use a makeup remover, a good makeup remover is super effective and can take off eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow in a quick one or two strokes, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue, it barely Fragrance, for sensitive eyes, it’s 100% lash friendly!

4.Lash Safe Growth Serum

A natural gentle alternative or complementary option to lash extensions, this serum strengthens and helps nourish and condition the hair follicles, promoting growth and fullness for visibly longer, thicker and more resilient lashes and helps with sparse patchy brows too!

Lash Safe Growth Serum