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Do You Know The Difference Between Eyelash Extensions And Strip Lashes?

Having been in the eyelash business for so many years, do you know The Difference Between Volume Lashes And False Lashes?

Beautiful Eyelash Extensions

The Way To Apply Is Different

It is well known that False Eyelashes are usually sold with eyelash glue, and a strip of glue already applied to the lash band. If you want to wear, simply apply the glue (if applicable) and place it directly on your natural lash line. It is easy enough for anyone to apply onto their own eyes in just a few minutes.

On the contrary, Lash Extensions must be applied by a professional at an Eyelash Extension Salon. Unlike the design of Strip Eyelashes, volume lashes are applied individually onto each existing eyelash. The entire application process can take up to two hours, which is a great time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the pampering.

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension

The Cost Is Different

Strip Lashes cost anywhere from 6$ to 20$ , depending on the brand and where they are purchased from. However, they must be changed daily as sleeping with Strip Lashes can cause eye infections. Although some high-quality can be reused, the cheaper varieties can only be worn once.

They must be applied by a professional, Eyelash Extension costs are significantly greater than that of traditional fake eyelashes. In addition, these lashes are made from materials that are higher quality than falsies. However, with regular maintenance appointments and proper care.Lash Extensions are actually a much more affordable option.

volume lashes extensions

Volume Lashes Extensions

Row Materials Is Different

As mentioned previously, false eyelashes are made of low quality artificial fibers that are heavy. A strip of fake lashes laid flat on your eyelid disrupts the natural movement of the eyes.

Eyelash extensions, however, are designed to be identical to human hair, both in appearance and weight. With feathery-light lashes, you will forget you are wearing anything but the eyelashes you were born with – unlike fake eyelashes which weigh heavy on your eyelids.

Eyelash Extension

Beautiful Eyelash Extension