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How Do You Know That You’ve Got An Experienced Eyelash Extension Technician Doing The Job?

How Do You Know That You’ve Got An Experienced Eyelash Extension Technician Doing The Job?

Firstly, if you are new to Eyelash Extensions, I would recommend asking the technician to explain the process to you, and to show you that they will be using individual eyelash extensions, not cluster or flare lashes (commonly called ‘party lashes’). When cluster lashes are applied with permanent eyelash glue, the results can be disastrous! (commonly these are applied overseas and take a very short amount of time to apply)!

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I would ask them how long the process is going to take – anything under an hour is really not a good sign. Half sets usually around 45 min though, and glamour sets maybe 1.5 hours. Lashes that are applied in 20-30 mins are usually very poorly applied – (it’s impossible to ensure they are all separated properly in such a short time), or are not actual individual eyelash extensions. It’s easy to apply party lashes with permanent glue, and they will look great for about 24 hours, until they start itching and pulling off your own lashes!

For Volume Lashes, I recommend seeing only a technician who makes the volume fans themselves, rather than one who uses pre made fans. Factory-made fans speed up the process, but they don’t generally hold on as well, and the double-dipping in adhesive can make them too heavy for the natural lashes.

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You will usually find the best technicians at salons that specialise in eyelash extensions – because it’s what they do all day, and they are usually very skilled at it. Some salons that offer every type of service don’t actually do eyelash extensions that often – it may be something they only do once or twice a week. At Lady Lash, it’s pretty much all we do, all day long!

You could ask to see their certificates, although this doesn’t really mean that much, because unfortunately many eyelash extension courses are just 1-2 days long – it really depends on how much practical experience the technician has. It’s practice that makes perfect, rather than a certificate which is not that difficult to obtain. I would ask how long they’v been doing extensions, what types they do, what they recommend for you, to get a feel for how much they know.

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