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How To Apply Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions?

How To Apply Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions

Because the position of the eyeliner is very close to your eyes, you must be careful when using it.
Many girls don’t know how to use eyeliner correctly, especially after having Lash Extensions! So here I will teach you how to use eyeliner safely!

When you have lashes, the eyeliner should always be applied to the skin above the lash line (don’t apply tight liner between the lashes).
Therefore, it basically does not touch your extended lashes and is safe to wear over false lashes.

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Applying Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions Safely

  1. Clean lashes by washing, combing and air-drying.
  2. Put liquid eyeliner behind your lashes before use.
  3. Start drawing from the inner corner of the eye, then draw the outer corner.
  4. If you want a winged hairstyle, start with wings for both eyes.
  5. Don’t let the eyeliner touch the lashes. Be sure to apply the eyeliner over the eyeliner to prevent it from hitting the lashes.

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In fact, this is really a tangled thing. When you don’t have eyelashes, it is not easy to draw eyeliner, and you will always feel that the drawing is not good-looking. And it gets trickier when you have the extra work of protecting your lashes.

Below I’ll give you some tips to keep in mind:

  • When you can’t go out without eyeliner, no matter how thick your beautiful new extension looks, remember that less is more. The golden rule is to avoid folding your underwear over and over again.
  • If you must draw eyeliner, remember not to draw on the eyeliner. Don’t apply eyeliner to the roots of your lashes, no matter how safe your lash extensions are. Do not apply eyeliner or tight eyeliner between the lashes. This must be very dangerous!
  • Do not use any oil-based products.
  • Avoid pressing or pulling down your lashes while lining, as they can get damaged if you do this too often.

Keep Your Eyelashes Clean