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How To Care For Lash Extension?

4 Lash Eetensions Care TipsBeauty is in every girl’s nature, and beautiful Lash Extensions can make your eyes look better! But you need to remember that taking care of your lashes is essential for beautiful, long-lasting lashes. We’ve got all the details on how to care for Eyelash Extensions so you can continue to love them…and love you!

1.Attention!!The Curing Period Of Lash Extensions 

The first four hours are crucial for the lash adhesive to set or cure. Don’t get them wet for 48 hours after application. For the first 48 hours after application, avoid taking a shower, washing your eyes, or getting your Eyelash Extensions wet…

However, it’s better to avoid prolonged heat and sweat no matter where you are. You should also avoid fidgeting with your new lashes.

2.Keep Your Eyelashes Clean

You want to make sure your lash extensions are clean! It’s important to clean and brush your lash extensions daily to avoid dust and dirt from accumulating on your lashes.

Failing to do so can breed infections and dust mites. Moreover, it’s good to clean your lashes once or twice a day if you regularly apply eyeliner, mascara, foundation, or eye shadow.

After cleaning your lashes, let them air dry, then use your lash wand to gently brush them back into their fluffy shape!

Keep Your Eyelashes Clean

3.Be Careful With Makeup

The beauty of lash extensions is that you have lovely, long, full lashes without having to wear mascara!

We know that some of you may still want to wear mascara on occasion, which is 100% okay…with a caveat: the mascara must be made for lash extensions.
Nowadays, cosmetic products use various ingredients like oil, salts, alcohol, glycols, etc.

While it’s fine when you’re not wearing extensions, oils and salts can affect the bond between the adhesive and the natural lash when they seep into the lash line.

Eyelash Extensions

4.Maintain Lash Extension Refills

When more than half of your lash extensions have fallen out with their natural lashes, it’s time to revisit the lash salon for a refill.

A Sticking with your refill appointments every two weeks will help you maintain a full, luscious lash line that turns heads!

Lash Extensions