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How To Create Beautiful Curled And Lifted Lashes – 3 Pro Tips And Tricks!


Eyelash Extensions are super popular these days, whether your client is an avid Eyelash Extension lover or you are upselling services to your brow clients, Lash Extensions always have a big place in the salon and can be a great way to make extra money The source will make your customers look forward to and want to encounter lashes like this all the time!

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Maybe you are new to this eyelash extension and don’t know how to use eyelash extension easily and perfectly, if you don’t know how to use it, you can’t create a beautiful eyelash lift. Today I’m here to give you all my hard earned tips and tricks so you don’t have to make the mistakes I have!

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Rainbow Colored Eyelash Extensions Single Length

1. Choose the Right Curl!

Regarding the choice of the eyelash extension curvature, it is not only necessary to choose the effect expected by the customer, but also to choose the eyelash extension curl that matches the customer’s eyes. Lean towards a smaller rod for those clients that are looking for a more dramatic and lifted look, as well as clients that have shorter natural lashes. On the other hand, reach for a larger rod if your desired end result is for the lashes to have a soft swooping end result or if your client has naturally long and luscious lashes.

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2. Glue – The Right Amount

Next, application! For this step, be sure to apply enough glue for the lashes adhere to the rod properly and don’t come off mid service. But, be light handed with the amount of adhesive you use, as the more you use, the higher the chance that you create a barrier on the lashes that hinders the other steps for working properly.

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