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How To Prepare For Your First Eyelash Extensions?

How to prepare for your first eyelash extensions

Are you scared and don’t know what to do when you do Eyelash Extensions for the first time! So you finally bit the bullet and made an appointment with Miss Flogging to do your first lash extension. Hooray! Your life will be a lot easier – no more spending time in the morning putting on mascara or worrying about makeup on the go! Hahaha…so how to make the process easier for the best What about eyelashes?

Here are our top tips for your first appointment, so you can be ready for some beautiful lashes!

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Read (and reply!) your confirmation texts or emails.

The confirmation text message,which is usually sent to your phone the day before your date with the whipping lady. It’s a quick way to confirm your appointment! If you want to make some changes to your date and can’t remember it, now is the time to tell They are. It’s a good idea to double-check your appointment time, so you can be sure of when to arrive.

Don’t drink coffee up to four hours before your appointment.

It might surprise you because you think caffeine keeps you awake to better cooperate with the technician, but coffee can actually make your date less enjoyable. Stops you from relaxing, and also makes your lashes vibrate. This means your extension will be harder to apply and can lead to imperfections!

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Don’t wear strip lashes to your first eyelash extensions appointment.

You may feel that wearing Strip Lashes will give your lash technician a better idea of what lash extensions are right for you. While this is done with the best of intentions, it actually makes the lashing stylist’s job harder! Ribbon lash glue has a bad habit of sticking stubbornly to baby lashes and is notoriously difficult to remove completely. Your lash stylist has to remove the glue completely, so keep your natural lashes and reduce lash time!And you’ll need to remove your eye makeup before the lashing can begin.

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