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Keeping Your Natural Lashes Healthy!

Keeping Your Natural Lashes Healthy!

Some Important Information For You!

Many lash salons give you absolutely amazing Lash Extensions that are meticulously applied and comfortable to wear. They want you to leave the salon with the lashes of your dreams. Eyelashes look full and thick, soft and realistic, and last as long as possible.

However, it is equally important to a professional eyelash technician that your natural eyelashes remain healthy and undamaged. Without a reasonable amount of healthy natural lashes, it’s nearly impossible to apply Extensions.

As addicts, we know no one wants that! If you follow your lash stylist’s advice about how much your natural lashes can take, it’s possible to grow lashes for a long time (maybe even a lifetime!)

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There are HUGE variances in the types and amounts of naturally growing lashes that people have. Which is why we have so many different options, as what will be suitable for one person will not necessarily be suitable for the next. Some people have strong and resilient natural lashes that will support reasonably thick glam sets or 5/6D Volume for a very long period of time.  However, some people have naturally finer, weaker lashes that will support only lighter weight full or glam set, or a 2/3D set applied in a shorter length.

Perhaps they have a friend or a cousin who has come here and had quite dramatic lashes applied, but their own natural lashes are much thinner and weaker. Logically, we cannot apply the same type of extensions on these two people and expect a good result. We are not (quite!) magicians, and sometimes patience and a treatment plan (LiLash, slowly increasing extension density) is what is required.

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