Eyelash Extensions Adhesive Remover


  • Gentle Removal : Eyelashes remover cream has a moist, cream-like texture and emits a light fragrance. It contains mild ingredients,which is mild and not irritating, and will not cause irritation or burns.
  • Perfect Effect : When you want to remove your beautiful false eyelashes, do you have troubles or worry about slow removal, removal of residuals, and too thin paste into the eyes? Our lash glue remover cream can completely remove the glue and dirt on the eyelashes, leaving the eyelashes clean and refreshing.
  • Safe : Eyelash makeup remover cream does not harm the real natural eyelashes, and can also prevent natural eyelashes from breaking. The excellent lash remover will not slip into the eyes during the removal process and can keep the natural eyelashes intact , it is suitable for most normal and sensitive skin.
  • Fast Dissolving: It is a fast eyelash glue remover cream. The powerful formula can dissolve the eyelash glue in 1 to 2 minutes, making it easier to remove eyelash extensions. Therefore, our quick-acting makeup remover can save you time, make your eyelash work easier, and greatly reduce makeup removal time.
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