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What Is The Secret To Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions?

What Is The Secret To Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions?

What is the secret to natural looking Eyelash Extensions? (Ones that make people go, “What mascara do you use?” not “Where do you get your lashes done?”

On almost a daily basis at salon new clients ask whether they can have eyelash extensions that look genuine and natural, and not fake or like stick-ons. The answer is, of course! One of eyelash technician specialties is natural looking eyelash extensions – and below is some information on how we achieve the natural look.

When you come in for your consultation – do ask for something natural (if that’s the look you’re after), but also ask what the technician recommends for you. They will give you a proper consultation, as different lashes suit different faces and everyone has particular styles and looks that they are comfortable with. Your technician will be able to ‘design’ lashes that are perfect for you and give you a beautiful enhancement without being over the top.

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It’s helpful to be able to look at some photos first. I’ve found over the years, people are all very individual in taste and opinion on what is ‘natural looking beauty’. A reputable eyelash salon should always be able to show you some photos, so you can point out what look you are trying to achieve. We have various look books that show different styles of people of all different ages, complexions and facial shapes.

Personally, I would always choose silk or faux-mink over synthetic, to create a natural look. Softer and more flexible, less stiff and plasticky looking, they usually last longer as well. It may take more of them to create the dramatic look of synthetic lashes though, which some people do love. The faux mink lashes that we use are even finer than the silk ones, creating an even more natural, soft look.Eyelash Extensions