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What Kind Of Eyelash Extensions Should I Get?

What kind of lash extensions should I get?

There are many different types of Eyelash Extensions available in eyelash salons, and every time you do an Eyelash Extension, you are always confused and don’t know which one to choose. So what kind of Lash Extensions should you do? That’s a really good question! The answer depends on the results you’re after!

What kind of lash extensions should I get?

“I’m new here, which type should I choose?”

If you’re new to Eyelash Extensions and don’t want to jump right into a dramatic look from the start, but instead keep a more natural look while you’re used to them, you might want to ease into a set of Classic Extensions. I think you are right! This is the most natural lash extension available, and one of the natural lash extensions works on every natural lash.

“I want more than classics… what’s the next level?”

We hear you! The next “upgraded” Lash Extension is the Hybrid, which uses a 50/50 combination of classic lash extensions and Volume Extensions. The blend is perfect to add volume without being too dramatic. Yes, you can have hybrid lash extensions even if you have sparse lashes.

Eyelash Extensions

“I like the glam – give me some extensions which will give me all the length and volume!”

If you do lash extensions a lot, now you do like more extravagant looking lashes! For all the volume and length you might want (or need!), there are volume lash extensions. This refers to using multiple lash extension “fans” on each natural lash for a complete look. The result? Big drama/volume/lash goals!

Let’s talk about the “shape” of the eye

When you arrive at the salon, your lash technician will assess your eye shape and may suggest a lash extension that suits your eye shape. In fact, this is the most appropriate! Because the technicians are skillful! For example, ever heard of the cat eye effect? Just like we can get dramatic cat eyes with good eyeliner, we can get the same effect with eyelash extensions.

cat eye lash extensions