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How To Create Perfect Brows In Seconds?

Rcotc Eyebrow Stamp Kit knows that perfect eyebrows are an important part of getting a good makeup look! But for many people, eyebrows can be a bit tricky and time-consuming. Fortunately, Rcotc Eyebrow Stamp Kit is here to show you how to use the Eyebrow Stamp Kit to get the perfect eyebrows in a few seconds!

Best Eyebrow Stamp

This can really save you some precious time. In a busy morning, if you follow the tutorial shown by Rcotc to draw your eyebrows, you can get the Perfect Eyebrowsin a few seconds! And I definitely promise it’s easy, even for beginner!

  • Step1:Choose your favorite Eyebrow Stencil/Find the best stencil for your eyebrows
  • Step2:Brush your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush

Eyebrow Stamp

  • Step3:Rotate to open the lid,stick eyebrow stencil on the eyebrow

Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit

  • Step4:Dip brow powder and Use the eyebrow stamp cushion to pat the vacant part of the stencil gently starting from the tail of eyebrow, until the filling is complete

Brow Stamp Kit

  • Step5:Finishing makes the eyebrows natural with an eyebrow brush.Repeat if the color is not dark enough
  • Step6:Repeat above steps on the other brow

Brow Stamp Kit

After you learn this method step by step, you can Take out the stress and save time each morning when doing your brows! And each set includes many different Eyebrow Stencils to ensure your perfect eyebrow shape!