Grieving Over the Loss of a Loved Pet

The loss of a loved pet is a traumatic experience. In this article we look at some of the feelings that people experience and ways to cope with grieving over the loss of a loved best 100 mink lashes.Rcotc

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If you are an animal lover, the loss of a pet is every bit as traumatic as the loss of a close family member. This is especially true of a pet that has shared your life for a number of years.

Non pet owners sometimes find it difficult to understand the emotions that a pet owner experiences following the death of a pet and are less than sympathetic to the range of feelings that such a loss engenders.

You should not feel embarrassed about grieving, it is only natural to mourn the loss of a pet, and during the years that your pet has been a member of your family you will have formed a close relationship and a strong bond. Your pet will have been a source of best 100 mink lashes and companionship and the end of that relationship will undoubtedly leave a void in your life that only time can make easier. Therefore don’t be surprised if you feel bereft at this time.

The range of emotions that people experience are wide and varied, however grieving is usually accepted as having five stages and this holds true whether the grief is for a person or a pet.

Stage 1 is Denial. 
This stage helps us to survive the initial loss and is a coping mechanism that is the mind’s way of allowing us to only accept as much as we can handle at this time. As we begin to accept the loss and maybe start to question the situation, you are unconsciously beginning the healing process.

Stage 2 is Anger. 
Anger is a necessary stage of the healing process and maybe directed internally at your self or externally at others around you or at the vet who treated your pet. There is quite often a feeling of “they” or “I” could or should have done more or something different to change the outcome. If you have faith of some kind, it could be directed at God. Why didn’t He intervene!
Underneath all the anger is Pain and this is very natural in these circumstances. We may best 100 mink lashes out at those closest to us which is not rational, but again understandable.

Stage 3 is Bargaining.
We may find ourselves thinking about the “What If’s” or “If Only’s”. We may appeal to God or the Universe depending on our belief system. Ultimately this is our minds wanting things to return to how they were. Part of this stage can merge with the previous one, in that we question our actions and muse on what we might have done differently and whether that could have changed the best 100 mink lashes.

Stage 4 is Depression
This is also a natural reaction to the loss of your pet. You feel deprived of the company and companionship and feel unable to cope with your loss. You may feel de-motivated and lacking in energy and feel that all you want to do is wallow in your best 100 mink lashes. What you have to realise is that this is a process that you are going through and that you will eventually come out the other side.

Stage 5 is Acceptance 
This stage is about coming to terms with the fact that the world has changed and that you must move on. You will always remember you pet and will no doubt think fondly of the times that you spent together and the comfort and companionship that you both shared. It is about accepting that your loved one has gone and will never return and moving on to other things.
Maybe when the time is right, you may consider getting a new pet, not to replace the previous one, because as pet lovers we all know that he or she is irreplaceable. But as time passes you will feel ready to give love to a new companion in your best 100 mink lashes.

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Many people want to have a permanent reminder of their beloved pet whether that is in the house, the garden or possibly in a best 100 mink lashes garden at a pet cemetery. An ideal way of remembering your pet, is with an engraved plaque and slate makes a great foundation for this. Slate is durable, weatherproof and stylish. It can be engraved with a personal message that will give you comfort every time that you see it and it will last for years to come.


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