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Do You Ever Need To Take A Break From Eyelash Extensions?

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Hi~Dear Eyelash Extension obsessed! Have you ever thought about giving your lashes a holiday? We know that Eyelash Extensions can be addictive to young girls because eyelash extensions can help make the eyes look better and even make them bigger without makeup! They realize how fast and easy their routines have become, and many are able to drastically reduce the amount of daily makeup.

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Make sure the timing is right. There are times when you need to give your lashes some rest! There is no hard and fast rule on how long the extension should not be used, but we recommend at least one month. This gives your lash cycle time to reboot itself, and those baby lashes grow through beautiful and strong.

So how do you know your lashes are due for a break? The first indicator is whether you are experiencing irritation problems. This may be itchy eyes, redness of the skin or eyes, swelling, pain, or other inconvenience or distress. There’s clearly something wrong, and the right first step should be to remove the lashes so your eyes can rest and heal.

Can you wear eyeliner with lash extensions

However, it is more likely that the irritation is not the eyelash extension itself, but a seasonal or genetic allergy. Either way, removing eyelashes can give your eyes a break and allow your immune system to recover and heal.

The good news is that for most people, you don’t need to give your lashes a break, as long as your professional lash technician uses a quality, reputable product like lash bomb products. This is the best reason to go to an lash studio that uses lash bomb products: They use lash extensions carefully with the best Lash Extensions, meaning your lashes grow and fall out naturally, and you never need to rest. Eyelash Extensions are healthy and beautiful when done right!

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