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How Long Can Eyelash Extensions Last?

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Do you know what’s the factor that keeps you looking bright all the time, even without makeup? Many women are thinking about this beauty treatment and are probably wondering how long Eyelash Extensions last? We will answer all questions and help with tips how to prolong the wear of eyelash extensions as long as possible.

Why Do My Eyelashes Fall Out Every Day?

It is well known that eyelashes fall out every day. But some people still exclaim “why are my eyelashes falling out again” when they wash their face in the morning! Dear, there is no need to worry at all. This is the life cycle of eyelashes, eyelashes have a completely natural renewal process, And it happens constantly in our body. The lifespan of human cilia is three to six months. This means that eyelashes may fall out 90-180 days after they start growing. About 4-6 lashes fall out every day, and new ones grow at the same time. But it varies from person to person.

And of course, this directly affects the period of wear of Eyelash Extensions.

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How Long Can Eyelash Extensions Last?

On average we recommend a refill appointment after 4 weeks. And someone may need to come after 5 or 6 weeks. This depends on many factors, we discussed earlier. We recommend our best Eyelash Extension Glue with its special formula, so eyelashes can last up to 6 weeks.

If you protect your lashes reasonably, it may last longer

Not to rub the eyes, to minimally touch your eyes with your hands. After cleaning the lashes with a Lash Cleanser, the eyes need to be patted gently with a towel.
Make-up removers and other cosmetics should be without oils and fats in their composition. Fat dissolves the eyelash glue. The same applies to decorative cosmetics. Eye shadows or make up should not have an oil base.

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