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My Eyes Are Red After Eyelash Extensions, What Should I Do?

Eyelash Extensions

You just got your first set of Lash Extensions, but when you come home and look in the mirror happily you notice your eyes are red and you start to get scared! Here are some things to try (and not try) to get rid of those lovely bloodshot red eyes after lash extensions.

So, why do people get bloodshot eyes from lash extensions? How to treat bloodshot eyes after Eyelash Extensions?
I’ll talk about the reasons why Eyelash Extension wearers get red eyes.

Eyelash Extensions

When you feel discomfort in your eyes, do you feel:
A gritty feeling in your eye
Soreness and/or swelling around your eyes

There are two most likely reasons why you may experience red eyes after eyelash extensions: a sensitivity to the formaldehyde adhesive fumes (chemical burn) or an allergic reaction.The symptoms caused by the two causes are different, so you still need to identify which one you belong to.

Eyelash Extensions

Chemical Burn:

Eyelash extensions are applied with an adhesive that is typically made of cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate-based adhesives release formaldehyde as a by-product of the curing process.

Some clients react more strongly than others to formaldehyde which may cause this redness in the eyes.

Another cause of is when the lash glue enters the eye during a lash session. You may feel pain, irritation, stinging, or a tearing sensation in your eyes in case. It’s common in clients with incredibly round

Eyelash Extensions

Allergic Reaction:

In some customers, there may be people who are particularly sensitive to eyelash glue and also have bloodshot eyes!
As allergies can differ from person to person.Swelling can occur when there is an infection or an allergic reaction to the adhesive used for lash extensions.

There are other reasons for this to happen too, like:

Tweezers poking into the eyes.
Lash pads that are thrust into the eye due to poor placement.
Medical tape touching the waterline.
Cracked pads that break the seal necessary to shut the eyes.
Tape placement that’s higher than usual.
Using cheap lash extension products.

Eyelash Extensions