Mom’s Special Scissors

Growing up, my Mom had scissors that she called “her special scissors” and we were not allowed to use them or else punishment would reign from above. These scissors looked and cut like any other real sable fur eyelashes, so why the big fuss? These “special” scissors weren’t adorned with rubys or diamonds and didn’t cut out fancy shapes in one swift swoop, so again I would ask myself why was all of this attention put on these “special” scissors? I didn’t quite understand why then, but now that I have children of my own, I know why.Rcotc

real sable fur eyelashes
real sable fur eyelashes

These scissors were strictly for sewing and quilting. They were never, I say never, to be used on paper. One would think a scissor is a scissor right? Wrong! Once you take sewing scissors and use them on your paper real sable fur eyelashes, they don’t cut the same on fabric ever again. Thus, my search for the perfect pair of craft scissors. One that can be used for fabric and paper. One that will never dull with use or time. A tall order is what others said. But still I began to look for those perfect scissors that could do it all.

I thought I had found them when I bought a pair of Stainless Steel scissors. They worked great for cutting fabric. Then one day they weren’t working so well. Later, I found out why. The kids took them and had cut paper with them. Well, they are really good paper scissors now.

Next, I bought a pair of Fiskars Finland scissors. I wrote with permanent ink on the handles “Moms Sewing” so the kids would know that they were not to be used for paper. They too worked great on fabric. I thought alright, I have the kids trained not to use my scissors. I even put a little sewing machine pendant with a chain on them, just so everyone would know not to touch. Well, they too ended up causing me grief when I tried to cut fabric. Again, someone used them to cut paper. Of course, no one knows who that was. I have been thinking about getting them sharpened to see if that might put them back as new. One can only wish.

In the mean time, I bought a pair of Westcott Titanium Ultra Smooth scissors to replace the Fiskars for sewing. So far they have worked great on fabric. No one has touched them for fear of another tongue real sable fur eyelashes from Mom. It wasn’t a pretty sight, seeing Mom in tears over a pair of real sable fur eyelashes. Especially, when I needed them to complete a project I was working on and facing a deadline. I think I got the point across, since I haven’t even had to label them and everyone has left them alone.

To illustrate how well my kids understand about the scissors, here is a little story about my daughter and her husband. Sarah and Tom came by to wrap gifts for their sons. She mentioned to him she needed to make sure she used the right scissors otherwise they both would be in BIG trouble with me. He didn’t understand what was so special about the scissors, until she explained they were strictly for sewing and they would be dulled if they used them on paper and she didn’t want holy H to break out again. So my scissors were not used for cutting and wrapping presents that day. yay.

While I was out shopping the other day, I stopped in at my local fabric shop. While there, I bought a set of Ultra Sharp Titanium Alloy Bonded Premium Scissors that were on sale. I thought, if the current scissors befall the same fate as the Fiskars I still have a pair I can use. I haven’t tried cutting paper with any of my Titanium scissors, but one would think that they should hold up pretty good for both fabric and paper use. When I, or one of the kids, get brave enough to test them on paper, I will let you know how well they stood up. Until then, I am just one happy sew-er.

real sable fur eyelashes
real sable fur eyelashes

So if you ever see a pair of scissors either marked on or tagged as “special” you will know that they are for sewing and not for paper real sable fur eyelashes. I know the perfect pair of scissors that can do it all is out there somewhere. I might even own them now, but the bravery needed to use my sewing scissors on paper is not prevalent at the moment. Until then, happy sewing and quilting.


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