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What Can Colored Eyelash Extensions Bring To Your Eyelash Business?

In beauty and fashion, new and different things are always in high demand for women.Recently, didn’t you realize that a lot of customers started asking for colored lashes?With Colored Eyelash Extensions, also sometimes called mermaid extensions or unicorn extensions.

Colored Eyelash Extensions Supplies

From yellow to orange to pink to purple, your clients can wear rainbow eyelash hues to enhance their natural eye color or give them a fun and dramatic look.Colored Eyelash Extensions are not just for Halloween — though they really do make a costume pop! But also for daily!Here is why you should have them on hand all year round, and ways to incorporate them into your lash business.

colored lashes extensions

Colored Lashes Extensions

The Benefits Of Colored Eyelashes

Colored mascara has been around for years,it’s cumbersome to use, has the potential to flake off and make your makeup look bad,but colored eyelash extensions provide the extra benefit of volume and length.

It also come in varieties like ombre and can be mixed in with black lashes or a variety of hues for unique looks.


colored volume lashes extensions

Colored Volume Lashes Extensions

Achieve A Look You Can Not Create With MASCARA

If you want Mascara gets applied to multiple lashes at a time, and it is darn-near impossible to create an effective ombre look.

With individual eyelash, you can add as many or as few colored eyelash extensions as you want.

And ombre extensions make achieving a neat, it’s very easy!
Some subtle color integration with individual lashes can do wonders, or you can use ombre or bright hues to enhance eye color.

colored lash extensions

Colored Lash Extensions