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Why Lash Extensions Hurt During the Appointment?

Why Lash Extensions Hurt During the Appointment?

Let’s find out what type of symptoms to look for during the treatment and the reasons why you might feel pain.

Signs of Discomfort During an Eyelash Extension Session:

  • Eyelid pain: You might feel stinging pain on your eyelids during a session. Some people might report a tingling sensation along with the pain too.
  • Pulling sensation: Oftentimes, you might feel a tugging feeling on your lash line or natural lashes when the lash tech applies Extensions. It might feel like extensions are pulling onto your natural lashes.
  • Irritation: There’s a chance you might feel like your eyes are burning, often called a chemical burn. In most cases, it’s transient and often mild that doesn’t get worse after the first irritation, and often disappears rapidly. If it persists, have your lashes removed.

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5 Reasons Why Lash Extensions Hurt During the Appointment

Craftsmanship: If the technician who did your Lash Extensions isn’t well-experienced, your best bet for the pain experienced might be their poor technique.

Poor products: Another common cause of eye irritations during lash extension treatment owes to the poor quality of lash products such as lash extensions to primers, cleansers, and even tapes used by the technician.

Crying: If you feel any irritation, it’s possible you might start crying or your eyes might tear up.

Opening the eyes when they should be closed: Typically, the technician should be working while your eyes are closed, but if you still happen to open them, there could be adverse consequences.

Adjustment: For some clients having their eyes closed for the duration of the appointment may cause their eyes to dry.

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